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Super Sensory 1km

Parallel Super Sensory 1km

The Super Sensory 1km supports memory by getting participants to complete a course full of multi-sensory experiences, from sound and smell to textures and colour.

This course has been specifically designed to engage all participants to the fullest, including:

  • Individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities
  • Individuals on the autistic spectrum who engage with the world in a primarily sensory way and welcome the opportunity to rehearse a situation before entering it
  • Individuals who need sensory support to remember an event. This may include people with late-stage dementia or specific brain damage

The sensory world is a lot of fun and sensory stimulation can be used to support everyone’s memory. So, if you are wondering if this event is for you, yes, it is. Everybody is welcome.

Participants who need a helping hand are welcome to bring a friend or family member, free of charge, to push, guide or simply accompany them throughout the course.

You can train for the Super Sensory 1km just like any other challenge event. You can also be re-run through the senses after the event using the same stimuli to help connect with the memory and relive the experience.

Training for the Super Sensory 1km will support participants to fully engage on the day. The sensory experiences have been chosen to maximise the opportunity of participating.

Taking part on the day

The Super Sensory 1km will take part alongside the other Parallel races. You are free to complete the course at any speed, but we anticipate it taking between 15 minutes for the incredibly speedy and up to an hour for those who want to make the most of the experience.

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