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The Mandeville Sisters - Comperes

The Mandeville Sisters - Comperes

The Mandeville Sisters have combined their love of comedy, fashion and vlogging to create sketches, look books and their vlogging series ‘MandevWeekly’. The girls are big fans of YouTube and everything that comes with it, but they’re also incredibly confident filming for TV, with Grace having starred in hit scripted series ‘The Sparticle Mystery’ for CBBC.

The sisters also filmed 6 episodes of ‘The Fear’ for BBC3 and frequently appeared in CBBC’s Lifebabble and Whoops I Missed The Bus. Most recently the girls have a permanent spot presenting online for MTV news. Amelia is also a budding writer who recently finished her third novel and is in development for publishing her exciting first novel.

12:00-12:40<br>Wild Cats Theatre School

Wild Cats Theatre School

Wildcats Academy is a fully inclusive theatre school based in Stamford with classes across the South Lincolnshire, Rutland and Peterborough areas. At Wildcats ‘Every child is an individual’ - with an emphasis on building confidence and self esteem as well as performing arts skills. Wildcats Theatre School are returning to Parallel for a second year offering performances and workshops aimed at children, young people and adults.

12:50-13:20<br>JJ Rosa

JJ Rosa

JJ not only possesses a wonderfully evocative voice but has many critical guitar fingers trembling in awe! She has been compared to Prince, however she's taller and less purple than the US legend, although those comparisons are not hyperbole! She will be headlining the main stage this year!

13:40-14:10<br>DM Collaborate (Supported by Drake Music)

DM Collaborate (Supported by Drake Music)

DM Collaborate are a group of professional and classically trained disabled musicians who create improvised music using assistive music technology (AMT) along with conventional instruments. Their improvised music style ranges through jazz, blues, rock, folk and modern classical, which are layered over electronic dance beats, often within a single improvised piece. For one song, they will be playing with guest singer songwriter Kris Halpin, who also works with AMT in the form of MiMu gloves, brainchild of Imogen Heap.

DM Collaborate was formed though Drake Music's Connect and Collaborate programs, supporting Disabled Musicians to increase opportunities and visibility within live music. Drake Music is continuing to support DM Collaborate on further projects, including their latest performance at the ICA London in March 2017.

14:35-14:55<br>Electric Umbrella

Electric Umbrella

A unique performance featuring a blend of techniques and styles devised to free up people of all ages and abilities to express them selves. Expect to hear unique interpretations of classic songs, original material, and special performance from our home grown Orchestra of Joy.

15:10-15:40<br>Include Choir

Include Choir

The Include Choir is all about social inclusion, overcoming communication barriers and having fun. We believe people should be able to come together and do something they love, regardless of perceived disabilities or labels. Parallel London provides the perfect opportunity for everyone to take part in something unifying and uplifting. We can't wait!

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