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Parallel Beats is an open-source platform for story-telling; based on the theme of Inclusivity. Our purpose is to share everything we have in common to help create a global sense of belonging.

11:00-11:20<br>Adam Pearson

Adam Pearson

Equality and the art of communication

At the heart of every man, woman and child beats the desire for understanding and acceptance, though for some of us it comes easier than to others. Adam aims to unpack, from his own experience, how to highlight the issue of equality in a culture that seems more decisive than ever.

11:40-12:00<br>Peter Thompson

Peter Thompson

44 marathons in 44 European countries in 44 consecutive days

In 2017, Peter Thompson ran an incredible 44 marathons in 44 European countries in 44 consecutive days - a marathon within every country in Europe. He completed this epic feat of endurance & adventure to raise support for mental health issues & to inspire others to challenge their limits. Starting in St Petersburg, Russia on 1st April 2017, Peter completed his 44th marathon 44 days later in Dublin, Ireland on 14th May 2017.

12:30-12:50<br>Mik Scarlet

Mik Scarlet

Welcome to the Social Model

Broadcaster and Journalist Mik Scarlet will explain the Social Model of Disability and why it changed his life.

13:00-13:20<br>Jordan Jarrett-Bryan

Jordan Jarrett-Bryan

Why the next World Para Athletics Championships must be in London
13:45-14:05<br>Nicki Donnelly

Nicki Donnelly

My Road to happiness is ingrained with adversities

In 2009, Nicki Donnelly was injured whilst serving as a police officer. She was left paralyzed for life with t4 spinal cord injury. Now a motivational speaker, Nicki continues to believe in herself and makes her life limitless by sharing her impossibilities as her legacy.

14:10-14:30<br>Dan White

Dan White

Why inclusion matters

Proud father Dan created a group of disabled heroes called The Department of Ability to highlight the shocking lack of inclusion for disabled children and young adults across the media industry. The Department of Ability was initially created for Dan’s wheelchair using daughter, Emily, who upon receipt of her first wheelchair was desperate to see relevant, everyday characters like herself in the media she consumed. The comic is due to be published this year worldwide via mainstream publication and has attracted supporters from across the globe.

14:35-14:55<br>Mark and Samantha Bullock

Mark and Samantha Bullock

Our journey in inclusive sport

Mark is an advisor in inclusive sport & physical activity utilising more than 25 years of experience in Paralympic/disability sport, sports development & the broader social impact of sport. Passionate about inclusion, wellbeing, healthy lifestyles & nutrition. Travelled to more than 80 countries developing wheelchair tennis. Attended four Paralympic Games & two Olympic Games. Extensive experience of delivering sports programmes in developing countries. Experienced public speaker. Advisor to Choice International. Member of IPC Paralympic Games Committee. Ambassador for Parallel London. (N.P) Samanta has been a wheelchair user since 1992. She is a former no 1 wheelchair tennis player in Brazil reaching a career high of 44 on the world ranking, representing Brazil 3 times in the World Team Cup & winning a doubles silver medal in the 2007 Para Pan Am Games. She is a successful model and vegetarian chef with her own You Tube Channel.

15:00-15:20<br>Andrew Douglass

Andrew Douglass

Why we need Parallel London
15:25-15:45<br>Martyn Sibley

Martyn Sibley

Inclusion as a measure of success

Martyn is a digital influencer, author, entrepreneur and accessible adventure traveller. Through his articles, videos, talks, and projects he seeks a world of inclusion and prosperity. As Co Founder of Disability Horizons and Accomable, he's impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.

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