Adam Pearson

Actor, Presenter & Campaigner

At the heart of every man, woman and child, beats the desire for understanding and acceptance, though, for some of us, it comes easier than to others. Adam aims to unpack from his own experience, how to highlight the issue of equality in a culture that seems more decisive than ever.

Andrew Douglass

Founder, Parallel

Andrew set up Parallel to show society and the world that accessibility is possible if we all work together, side by side. He discusses the purpose of Parallel and the power of large scale live events.

Jordan Jarrett-Bryan

Sports Journalist

Jordan explores the success of the Channel 4 Paralympics and how London is a champion of inclusive sport. In this inspiring and passionate talk, Jordan offers his advice on starting the journey of being a Paralympian

Dan White

Founder, The Department of Ability

Dan aims to emphasise why inclusion is so important. He demonstrates why media inclusion creates acceptance, banishes stereotypes, and why it is necessary to show that disabled children deserve equal opportunities.

Mark and Samanta Bullock

Advisors in Inclusive Sport

Mark is an advisor in inclusive sport and physical activity with experience in Paralympic, disability sport and sports development. Samanta is a former Brazilian No 1 wheelchair tennis player. Mark and Samanta Bullock interview each other about their passions, inclusive sport, and their love of Parallel.

Mik Scarlet

Broadcaster, Journalist & Access Expert

A fun jaunt through the Social Model of Disability, exploring what it means for society, disabled or not. Mik explains how the model changed his outlook on life.

Martyn Sibley

Blogger, Author, Advisor & Adventurer

In a world of “successaholism”, money and power, have we lost our direction in society? Martyn explores the idea of inclusion and if it is the new metric of success.

Peter Thompson

Runner & Traveller

In 2017, Peter completed this epic feat of endurance and adventure to raise awareness of mental health and to inspire others to challenge their limits. In this talk, Peter talks about his turbulent journey and how running can change your life.