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International Day of Persons with Disabilities

About IDPD 


IDPD has been slowly picking up momentum in the UK. The main activity is #PurpleLightUpHowever,  this ‘movement’ appeals mainly to larger businesses, where the measure of success appears to be
the number of corporate buildings lighting up purple.

The call to action is for businesses to join memberships of
the same people organising the campaign.

Can we ‘light up’  the message behind IDPD in a more engaging way?

Parallel Socks - About / Buy / Shop

The colour associated with disability is purple.
We will ask the nation to wear a pair of brightly coloured, purple socks on 03 December to mark IDPD & show outward support for the disability community & disability inclusion.Why Socks? Just about everybody in society wears socks. A simple, effortless & fun way to mark the occasion.

The act of putting on, wearing & taking off socks provides tangible physical touch points for the key message; which will live long in the memory. You can also keep the socks & wear them multiple times.


It goes without saying, that Parallel Socks will be 100% sustainable & high quality Working with BAM, a world-class sustainable clothing company, who make all of their products from Bamboo.

BAM will also support, through distribution, online retailing & promote Parallel Socks


A pair of socks will retail for £5This year, 50% of profits will be donated to Contact / Fledglings - a charity for families with disabled children. 

Any residual profit will be re-invested into Parallel Socks for a national roll out in 2021. Parallel Socks is part of Parallel Lifestyle; a social enterprise with a mission to improve accessibility and disabled peoples’ basic right to live life to the full in mainstream society.


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