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Participant stories


The best bit was the encouragement and cheers as I reached the line, I was in tears.

Sue's Story

The Parallel run will be so different and amazing as she and her siblings are the ones taking part.

Hope's Story

It was one of the most challenging events I have attended, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute.

Cheryl's Story

I heard about Parallel and liked the idea it's all inclusive for disabled and able bodied.

Grace’s Story

Maya may also take part in the 100m event for the first time with her kaye walker after just learning to walk with it this year following bilateral hip reconstruction in 2015.

Maya's Story

I wanted to signed up for Parallel to support people who have to overcome, or live with disability – to show what is possible.

Eric's Story

Don’t push yourself (or your dog/carer) too hard and drink enough water.

Jan's Story

I've never been in a race before and when mum told me about this one I was so excited!

Chilli's Story

Meadow is my reason for taking part in the 10k run. Meadow was born with a congenital heart disorder

Patricia's Story

By the Parallel 2017 event Lyra will be able to walk some of the distance with her walking frame.

Davis Family Story

I will be taking part in the Super Sensory 1km with my son, It’s his first race in a wheelchair!

Kat's Story

Inspiring Ann takes on the race of a lifetime.

Ann Rowe's Story

We are really looking forward to taking part in our first Parallel London event and meeting loads of lovely new people as we help raise money for others.

Megan's Story

I will be supporting the Matt Hampson Foundation.

Aaron’s Story

I'm taking part in the 5km race to mark 10 years since I got ill. I am also running for the Meningitis Research Foundation.

Kat’s Story

Have fun, if you are the pusher in an assisted team do the dull bits without your partner and ensure your time competing together is a laugh. All athletes should also have a theme tune, work out yours over the coming weeks before the race.

Paul's Story

I will be supporting SMA Support UK on this occasion as they provide support to the SMA community.

Gennadiy's Story

Fred, Eva and I are taking part in the Super Sensory walk. We are going to niff, walk, feel and sing our way around.

Karen's Story

We are assisting one of our students to take part in this run to raise money for Treloar to enable them to carry on providing the best care and education.

Millie May's Story

William will be walking or 'running' in his own style for 1km in Parallel London 2017. This may not be much to many four year old’s, but to him it is a mountain to climb.

Jo's Story

It's an honour to raise funds to help support the (Matt Hampson) Foundations future.

Kathryn's Story

I have worked with children for eight years and have seen the difficulties some of them face and want to help. Raising money for BBC Children in Need will hopefully help support and encourage children in a positive way.

Lala's Story

These games are a fantastic event for me to aim and train for and by taking part I can raise money for Livability.

Dave's Story

This is a picture of me and Charlotte wearing our t-shirts that we have made for the Super Sensory 1km.

Daniel's Story

What a fantastic opportunity to race at the Olympic Park in my home city.

Charlotte's Story

As a charity, Walsingham support celebrates each individual’s ability rather than focusing on their disabilities and Parallel London offered the same approach, so it was a perfect fit.

Philip's Story

the residents really enjoyed it and talked about it endlessly!

John Groom Court's Story

My main top tip is to have fun, smile lots and giggle lots....these are the things I can still do and love to do!

Natalie's Story

She finds many things a challenge but is always happy and smiling. She always tries her hardest.

Hutchinson's Family Story

We took part in Parallel London last year and loved it. It was an inspirational event, so many people coming together to experience the true power of sport and prove that true courage takes many forms.

Jenni and Eve's Story

Ethan can't wait to complete it and get his medal!

Doherty’s Family story

We came last year and loved it. We love all inclusive events like Parallel. We will be raising money for Thomely Hall in our 5km.

Nyree O’Brien's Story

We loved the idea of it being inclusive, this really is the backbone of what Phab is all about.

Epsom and Ewell Phab’s team story

My top training tips would be to not take it too seriously, have fun and you will be amazed at what you can do almost by accident.

Marie-Ann Andrew's Story

Danny will doing the 5k race in his wheelchair hoping to raise money for Livabiltiy.

Danny’s Story

After having an amazing experience on the 10km at Parallel London in 2016, Monique decided that she wanted to do it all over again. There’s no race quite like it. One where she can use her manual wheelchair to self-propel around the course rather than run.

Rhiannon’s Story

Matt is looking forward to coming to the Olympic park and raising money for a good cause.

Matthew’s Story

I want to raise money for Muscular Dystrophy UK and Myaware.

Rianna’s Story

The walk is going to be very challenging as Mia has not been able to walk for about 6 weeks! But she's very determined! I will be behind her every step of the way!

Mia’s Story

Over the coming weeks, I'm going to be busy training on my Robotic Legs, to make sure I can do my best at Parallel in September!

Spencer’s Story

I'm a trustee for the national charity, the Dyspraxia Foundation, and I'm running in several events in 2017 to raise awareness for Dyspraxia and Anxiety.

Matt’s Story

I will be taking part in the 10km run to enjoy, do some good and not race for a change.

Kevin’s Story

I am supporting ADD International and I will be taking an electronic wheelchair.

Sumaila’s Story

Taking part in the Super Sensory event is a fun way to empower our members and give them the chance to support their own organisation.

Alix’s Story

Run, walk, push ...literally anything goes, as long as you have fun!

Rich’s Story

Since joining Action on Disability this May, my wife and I want to raise money towards AoD Employment and Youth Services supporting young disabled people to achieve their social, educational and employment opportunities.

David’s Story

Imelda is taking part in the Super Sensory 1km challenge and is asking for sponsors to help fund her much needed therapy and equipment.

Rachel’s Story

Top Training Tip: Mind over matter

Laura’s Story

We learnt about Parallel London through the RDA and are both participating to raise money for the Bambers Green sub group.

Caroline’s Story

I am doing it for a charity called Attitude is Everything. They work within the music industry to help disabled people as audiences, artists and professionals.

Mark's Story

Oliver wants to help Faith raise enough money for her to receive the same operation and to achieve what he has.

Oliver's Story

Top Training Tip: Practice, Motivation, Positivity.

Ramanan’s Story

I am running for Spare Tyre Theatre, an amazing participatory arts charity that creates inspiring theatre with voiceless communities such as adults with learning disabilities, the elderly and economically disadvantaged communities.

Katie's Story

We signed up for Parallel because I read an article by a young journalist sharing some of their life as a wheelchair user, it was a journey of many emotions.

Sheerin’s Story

I am taking part in the 1km walk (which I am going to complete in my walking frame) and I am supporting Whizz Kidz.

Sophie’s Story

She was so impressed by Tracy running the London marathon she wanted to take part in a race too.

Joshua and Charlotte’s Story

I will be walking for the Dyspraxia Foundation and Anxiety UK.

Rosie's Story

You can't think about anyone else! I just look ahead and try not to focus on the sprinters whizzing bye!

Sally’s Story

My mummy pushed me - I love to go really fast which made her really tired!

Abbie’s Story

For the first time ever, Cady will be completing a walk by herself! We will be there to help guide her, but she'll be doing the whole thing on her own two feet.

Cady’s Story

Steve and Callum and some of the children/parents are taking part in Parallel London to help raise some money for post op physiotherapy for one of our players.

Steve and Callum's Story

Aged five, Bertie thinks it’s completely natural that he should be able to join in any sport on his own terms. In his mind, he is an Olympian. We want to keep it that way.

Bertie and Alison’s Story

We are raising money to help disabled youngsters who need help from our chosen charity, Whizz Kidz.

Charlene, Glen, Ethan, Brandon, Sharkey & the Twins Story

I love the idea of Parallel London because of how inclusive it is for all types of people.

Sarah’s Story
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