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Abbie’s Story

My name is Abbie and I am 7 years old. I live in Derby with my parents and 2 older sisters. We all came down to Parallel London last year after reading about it in posability magazine and joined in the 5 k race. My mummy pushed me – I love to go really fast which made her really tired!!! We had so much fun in the race and all the activities afterwards and wanted to come back again this year. We are doing the 5k again this year. I can’t wait.

We have two favourite charities. One is Brainwave who help me and other children to learn to do things that we find difficult. I didn’t used to be able to sit up on my own but I can now and I am learning to walk with their help. We also love Scropton Riding School for the Disabled where I have horse riding lessons. They really help me and look after me. I ride Lottie.

Training tip: My mum is practising by running with our dog and I sometimes go with them and we have a race which makes me scream and giggle.





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