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Alix’s Story

My name is Alix Lewer. I am a Speech and Language Therapist and Safeguarding professional. I left the NHS in order to set up my own charity called ‘Include’. We raise awareness of hidden communication disabilities and find ways to become a more inclusive community through better communication. I direct the Include Choir, which is now in its second year.
I am taking part in the Super Sensory 1km along with around 10 members of the Include Choir.
We signed up for Parallel London because:
• The Include Choir will be there, performing on stage and running a workshop and we wanted to get into the spirit of the event
• It is a great opportunity to involve our members in something we all enjoy. A number of our members have learning disabilities or sensory impairments and the Super Sensory 1km seemed a great excuse to do something fun altogether (with my two year old son too!)
• Last year, members of the Choir tried to take part in the Sensory 1km, but we got stuck on the motorway and missed it. This year we’re determined to get a finisher’s medal!
You guessed it, we are supporting the Include Choir. Taking part in the Super Sensory event is a fun way to empower our members and give them the chance to support their own organisation.
Top training Tips: Singing with the Include Choir! We use Makaton signs and a lot of movement when we sing and all Include Choir sessions start with a physical warm-up. Singing is very good for the lungs and heart too. You can see one of our recent warm-ups here


Alix Lewer


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Super Sensory 1km

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