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I live near Thaxted in Essex not far from Stansted Airport.
I am a part time administrator for the Pilgrim Parish churches in Uttlesford; I walk a couple of dogs regularly for Paw Pals; volunteer for a few hours a week at the Daisy Mays farm and animal rescue centre at Elsenham and the Stebbing village community shop. On a Thursday morning during term time, I help with the Bambers Green subgroup of the Riding for the Disabled (RDA).
I am taking part in the Parallel London 10km race with my RDA friend, Tracey Tooke.
We learnt about Parallel London through the RDA and are both participating to raise money for the Bambers Green sub group.
I am following a training programme for the race, which began three weeks ago and takes me up to the end of August. My top training tips are to build up the distance and stamina slowly but consistently, be committed and get a good night’s sleep.


Caroline Wildgoose


Parallel challenge:


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