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Charlene, Glen, Ethan, Brandon, Sharkey & the Twins Story

We are raising money to help disabled youngsters who need help from our chosen charity, Whizz Kidz, by taking part in Parallel 2017 in London. You don’t fully understand what it’s like to be disabled and in a wheelchair until you’re in the position yourself and then you appreciate just how expensive equipment and chairs are. Char will be tackling the course in her wheelchair with as minimal help as possible. Glen, Ethan, Brandon, Sharkey & the Twins will be completing the course by either running, jogging or walking.
Charlene was diagnosed over 11 years ago with a chronic pain condition called Fibromyalgia. Over the years there has been a slow decrease in her ability to do certain activities or tasks and she was forced to use mobility aids such as crutches and other bits around the house. About five years ago, her decrease in abilities has grown more and more and she now often uses a wheelchair for long trips or on her bad days.
Ethan has his own issues with Tourette’s, ADHD and a condition called POTS which is well controlled. Brandon was born with club foot which was bent round and touching his shin at birth. He has gone through numerous operations to have his leg straightened and lengthened, the latest surgery was just over a year ago.
Mobility has been such a big part of our lives and we feel this is a great time to start helping WhizzKids.


Charlene, Glen, Ethan, Brandon, Sharkey & the Twins


Parallel challenge:

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