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In 2014 Jodie was diagnosed with a chromosome 3p duplication and 4p deletion. This results in her having severe speech and language delay and global delay, Jodie also has several health conditions but is still a happy loving child. Due to Jodie’s’ learning disabilities she has no awareness of danger and going out is very difficult.

We were in desperate need of a buggy for Jodie, as she had outgrown most buggies. I needed to find her a special needs one, but with the prices so high, I decided to apply to Whizz Kidz. In 2016 Jodie was granted funding and received her new buggy, all funded by Whizz Kidz..

As a thank you and to be able to give something back to them I was looking through their website and came across Parallel London. I enjoy running and thought, as this is an all-inclusive event, I could run whilst pushing Jodie in her new buggy.

We completed the course in just over an hour. It was one of the most challenging events I have attended, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. We made use of the festival and enjoyed some of the activities that were on offer, we had an amazing day out.

This year I have signed up again to the 10k event and will be pushing Jodie once again in her buggy, but this time it’s just for me whilst supporting Parallel London. Cannot wait for this year’s event.


Cheryl Jackson


Parallel challenge:


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