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Chilli’s Story

My name is chilli and I’ll be in the race with my mum Ilona. We live in Livingston, Scotland. I go to school and my mum cares for me. I have Lesch Nyhan syndrome. I love basketball.

We are taking part in the 10k. My mum is a bit nervous as she has never run that far and has never really ran with me in my wheelchair. We will probably walk a lot of it.

My mum enters races and I like watching her get her medals. I’ve never been in a race before and when mum told me about this one I was so excited! Mum booked our hotel straight away! I’m looking forward to getting my medal!

I’m raising money for Make a wish UK!! I had a wonderful wish trip when I was 10. We went to see NBA basketball at the O2 arena and met some players. I loved every minute of it! I want others to have a wonderful wish trip too

Training tip: Well… my mum is pushing me round so I have to make sure she takes me on lots of long walks. I will shout at her to go faster.




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