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I was born deaf and used British sign language as my first language. I originally came from London and have been married to a lovely South African deaf lady for 17 years. Our 14-year-old son, Joshua, has mild CHARGE Syndrome. I was the first ever elected Deaf BSL using Borough Councillor in 1990 (LB Southwark), then stood for Parliament twice as Britain’s first ever Deaf BSL using PPC. I am formerly the CEO of the British Deaf Association and now CEO of Action on Disability.
I am doing the 5km run – my first time since I stopped running long distance (I came 7th at the National Deaf Schools Cross Country Championship in 1981!). Let’s hope I can do this!
Since joining Action on Disability this May, my wife and I want to raise money towards AoD Employment and Youth Services supporting young disabled people to achieve their social, educational and employment opportunities. AoD have done great work with young disabled people in the past five years, especially internship projects.

Training tips: I haven’t run since the early 1980s. I started to build up by jogging last month, every two days and mostly evenings, slowly improving my running distance. Now, I’m jogging one mile without stop! Keep on, eat carefully, more healthy food, drink a lot of water and eat good fruits during the day. Take it step by step.


David Buxton


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