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Our family are running the 1km race to support our little girl, Lyra Davis. Lyra has a working diagnosis of cerebral palsy and global developmental delay, which means she can’t walk independently, talk or chew. Lyra also suffers from involuntary muscle spasms which can leave her ‘locked up’, unable to move and quite rigid.

Lyra is making amazing progress, particularly in learning to walk with a walking frame and we are really hopeful that by the Parallel 2017 event Lyra will be able to walk some of the distance with her walking frame, and possibly even a few steps unaided. We signed up for the event because we wanted to take part in an event that we could do together as a family and which would allow Lyra to participate as much as the rest of us.

We will be working as a team, Mummy (Jane Heggie), Daddy (Mark Davis), Big Brother (Joseph Davis, 8) and Lyra Davis (2). We are training by letting Lyra walk with her frame as often as she can, and helping her to try to take unaided steps whenever she can.

We are hoping it will be an amazing day and one which will mark a real milestone in Lyra’s progress.


Davis Family


Parallel challenge:

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