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Hutchinson's Family Story
Epsom and Ewell Phab’s team story

Doherty’s Family story

We are the Doherty family and consist of Daddy (Paul), Mummy (Michelle), Ethan (4.5yrs) and April (18months).

The star in our sky was confirmed as having a different way of twinkling last year and it hit our family hard. Since then we have had our eyes open to just how unique our little star is and our need to ensure it continues to shine happily and to reach whatever heights it sets its mind to. We will be running for the national autistic society as it was an invaluable source of information to us when we were in a very dark, early diagnosis state.

Since his diagnosis we have been on a journey to find fun, interactive things to do as a family and to ensure Ethan can enjoy and feel apart of his community.

Upon seeing the course we decided to run the 1km sensory race and Ethan can’t wait to complete it and get his medal!

Sport is such a fab way to gain a sense of achievement and we can’t wait to run our first race together! Mummy and daddy are doing a half marathon for the national autistic society so we will be running for them but in this race altogether!

We saw your stand at the autism show.

No training tips we are just going to wing it!


Doherty Family


Parallel challenge:

Super Sensory 1km

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