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Epsom and Ewell Phab’s team story

Epsom and Ewell Phab club provides inclusive activities for young people with and without disabilities. These activities include sports, arts, crafts, games, drama, dance and music on Friday club evening.

On the 3rd September 2017, 21 volunteers and members from Epsom and Ewell Phab will be running 10km at Parallel London. Our aim is to raise money to attend our biennial holiday to Bendrigg Lodge!

Bendrigg Trust is a residential activity centre specialising in high quality courses for disabled and disadvantaged people, of any age or ability. Activities include rock climbing, abseiling, zip wire, canoeing, archery and so much more!
his holiday’s aim is to give disabled and abled bodied children the chance to try new and fun exciting activities, make friends and increase their confidence. It is also a chance for parents to have some much needed respite!

We are taking part in the 10km race, with one of our runners doing the super sensory 1km. He is a child and a member of Phab.

We signed up because we loved the idea of it being inclusive, this really is the backbone of what Phab is all about.

Training tip: Train! The more you train the easier it’ll be!


Epsom and Ewell Phab club


Parallel challenge:

10km and Super Sensory 1km

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