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Cheryl's Story

Hope’s Story

Following a lot of complications with the pregnancy, Ava and Hope were born 3 months too early and spent 10 weeks in hospital before we could take them home on Christmas eve 2012 to join their big brother Ben. When Ava was meeting her milestones, Hope wasn’t and at 18 months she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy affecting all four limbs.

She is now 4 and cannot crawl, sit or walk unaided. She is a very happy, determined and feisty little girl who has worked so hard at Physio to amaze her therapists with what she can do. She has a lot of supporters and people run marathons and attend charity events to fundraise for her. However, the Parallel run will be so different and amazing as she and her siblings are the ones taking part. Ben and Ava are running the 1K and Hope will attempt the 100m in her walker. This will be a massive goal for her to compete as she has just started propelling herself in her walker so hopefully by September she will get over that finish line and it will be a very emotional and amazing day. What a lovely event for special children and adults and their families and supporters.

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Parallel challenge:


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