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Jenni and Eve’s Story

We are Jenni (also known as Mummy) and Eve (also known as The Tiny Tornado because she is little, but powerful and makes a lot of mess!). Eve is five and Jenni is 42. We’re from Dorking in Surrey and we love being in the outdoors with our dog Scout. Eve is doing the 5km run/push and the 100m with Jenni as her buddy.
We took part in Parallel London last year and loved it. It was an inspirational event, so many people coming together to experience the true power of sport and proving that courage takes many forms. We spoke to so many people and there was such a wonderful atmosphere – everyone was there for the same reason and our competitors felt more like team mates. Eve is raising money for her amazing school which is in desperate need of a new playground and sensory garden equipment.
Training tip: Jenni’s top training tip – get a dog! That way you have to get out walking or running twice a day! Eve’s top training tip – kicking my legs on the pushchair and making lots of happy sounds makes Mummy run faster!


Jenni and Eve


Parallel challenge:

5km and 100m

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