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Joshua and Charlotte’s Story

We are Joshua Campbell (11) and Charlotte Hawkes (12) from Essex. We both have cerebral palsy and met eleven years ago at a playgroup for disabled children. We are taking part in the 5K race – Josh’s mum and dad and twin brother Edward and Charlotte’s LSA Tracy will be joining us. Josh is going to race in his wheelchair with his mum pushing him and Charlotte on her bike. Charlotte was the driving force behind us doing Parallel London. She was so impressed by Tracy running the London marathon she wanted to take part in a race too.

Charlotte is raising money for the Bobath Centre for children with cerebral palsy and Josh is raising money for the Glanfield Group, a local charity that takes severely disabled and terminally ill children on holiday each year.

Training tip: just keep at it. Never give up.


Joshua and Charlotte


11 and 12

Parallel challenge:


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