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My name is Katie Farquhar and I’m an actress from London.
I love running but it’s been a while since I’ve taken part in any races so I decided to push myself and do the 10k! I was working in Germany when I heard about Parallel London through a friend and instantly decided to sign up!
I am running for Spare Tyre Theatre, an amazing participatory arts charity who create inspiring theatre with voiceless communities such as adults with learning disabilities, the elderly and economically disadvantaged communities. The theatre company’s work is very close to my heart; I have been able to observe firsthand how important this kind of work is and what a difference it can make to individuals’ lives. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to show my support and it’s not every day you get to run in the Olympic Park!
Wanting to do the charity proud is giving me all the drive and determination I need to keep training hard!


Katie Farquhar


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