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Kat’s Story

I’m Kat Hawkins and I’m a journalist and reporter for the BBC – currently for BBC Click, a technology programme which gets me trying out and covering weird and wonderful ideas from virtual reality football to fish grown from stem cells. I live in East London, but grew up in Retford, up in Nottinghamshire. When I was 18 and at university, I contracted meningitis and had both legs amputated below the knee.
I’m taking on the 5km race to mark 10 years since I got ill, and am also running for the Meningitis Research Foundation.
It’s going to be a big day for me and very emotional I’m sure but I’m looking forward to crossing that finish line and seeing my friends and family!
Training advice: Be good to yourself!! I’ve had some horrible cuts and rubs on my legs recently so I was nervous and worried that I wasn’t going to be able to train at all, but I decided that I wasn’t going to pile the pressure on myself, walking 1km one day, practicing in my wheelchair another, the bike another. I figured it is all good practice for covering the distance and building up endurance. We shall see!


Kat Hawkins


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