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I’m a trustee for the national charity, the Dyspraxia Foundation, and I’m running in several events in 2017 to raise awareness for Dyspraxia and Anxiety. I’m from Croydon, South London and a Network Administrator in Primary education.
This is my second Parallel London event and I will be taking part in the 10km. I enjoyed last year’s event. It was so inclusive. My girlfriend and I walked the 5km event and we enjoyed it so much that we have spoken to the Dyspraxia Foundation and they are now bringing a small team to this year’s event!
My girlfriend, Rosie, is also taking part in the 10k event and is the reason I’m taking part. She is dyspraxic and has anxiety and due to this she has experienced misunderstandings and bullying. We want to change these experiences into something positive by raising awareness and helping others.
Best tips for training, I take part in the weekly Parkrun, to increase my fitness, I’ve been running that for eight months now. It’s a fully inclusive event for all fitness abilities and can be enjoyed by all.


Matt Devonshire


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