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Maya’s Story

Maya is well Maya… You really got to meet her to believe her! She’s cheeky, she’s sassy, confident, happy and so full of life with a belly laugh to make a room roll around in laughter too. Mayas had a tough little journey since she was born premature with spina a bifida and hydrocephalus. She also had Meningitis at just 1 month old. She Has epilepsy, hip dysplasia and has many associated conditions affecting her brain, spine, kidneys and bladder. She has frequent hospital admissions, Surgeries, appointments and diary cares but none of this stops her in her tracks!

Maya will be taking part in the 5km event in her self propel manual wheelchair.

Maya may also take part in the 100m event for the first time with her kaye walker after just learning to walk with it this year following bilateral hip reconstruction in 2015. Something we never dreamed she would achieve.

Maya took part in the 5km event last year and is eager to come back after such a fantastic day last year. parallel 2016 was the first ‘race’ Maya had completed and finished the course all by herself in an hour!

We loved how inclusive the event was. We loved coming together to celebrate diversity and making loads of new friends! We loved being able to see and do and try lots of new activities and sports. It was the start of a fire in Maya’s belly to try new things. We Love parallel and wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Maya hasn’t decided on which charity she would like to support this year but she currently likes the idea of some Christmas presents for Amazon children’s ward, Peterborough where she is a regular patient or epilepsy UK to fund antisuffication pillows or sponsor a sibling which is a small charity set up to support siblings of poorly children.




Parallel challenge:

5k and 100m

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