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Megan’s Story

Megan was diagnosed with Spina Bifida while 15 weeks pregnant.
She was my first baby and I had no idea what to expect after doctors told me she had a part of her brain missing, another part was misshapen, she had two club feet and clawed hands. Regardless, I proceeded with the pregnancy and knew the rest of my life would be devoted to her.
Shortly after birth, her consultant closely monitored her for brain damage and he confirmed she would never sit unaided or walk, and may never talk.
Megan is now nine years old. She has used a manual wheelchair, self-propelling since the age of two and a half. She has completed the Newham 10km twice and is an aspiring wheelchair racer- training with Paralympian Richard Chiassaro in Harlow. Although too young to be classified for competitions, she has twice completed in U11’s races and just a few weeks ago smashed her PB by a massive 18 seconds with Richard, Kare Adenigan and Sam Ruddock all cheering her on.
We would love to bring her racing chair on the day, but can’t manage with it on the train unfortunately.
Although slow to start speaking, there is certainly no stopping Megan now. This summer, she performed Oliver on stage with her Performing Arts Academy, Starburst. She manages to steal the heart of everyone she speaks to and is a very kind and considerate little girl, of whom I am very proud of. Especially after being cast for an advert for CBBC which just aired on Saturday on BBC.
Megan has a younger sister Imogen (7) and a younger Brother Ethan (6) who are very supportive of her and she of them equally as they compete in dancing and gymnastics. We do everything as a family. One of our favourite things being fun runs (we all love a medal). We will be running in Parallel for a small charity that helped purchase Megan’s wheelchairs and have just announced they would like to fund Megan’s next racing chair.
A Smile for a Child are a very small charity run entirely by volunteers. They have supported us for the last six years. To show our appreciation, we complete fun runs and man collections as a family to help raise funds for other families, because we completely understand what a massive impact this small charity has on not only a child, but an entire family like ours.
We are really looking forward to taking part in our first Parallel London event and meeting loads of lovely new people as we help raise money for others.


Megan McLaughlin


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