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I was a very active teenager and young adult. I was fully able bodied. I back packed round the world with my sister. I worked, walked, was very active, adventurous and did my bronze, silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh’s climbing Tryfan mountain and things. But when I was 25, I had a severe neurological illness which left me paralysed from the chest down, not able to walk, stand, move anything or eat. My life changed massively and I have now ended up in a wheelchair. I have a feeding tube and need everyone to do everything for me. I was in hospital for 11 months and then a day patient at a rehab hospital for five years. I lost pretty much everything…except my family, friends and my love of adventure. I try and do as much as I can and I love being adventurous in my own way. I help fundraise for charities I am involved in.
I love my life and always want to show people to live life to the full because no one knows what tomorrow will bring. My sister is married with two boys aged six and eight. I adore them and want them to get the most out of life as possible. It is quite difficult for me to do active things with my sister and my nephews together so when I heard about Parallel London, I just wanted to do something together!
We are doing the 5km. It will be a big challenge for the boys. I’m in a power chair, but I just want to be doing something together. We are very excited!
We are fundraising for Kenilworth Phab to go on an adventure holiday. Lots of the members have never been on an adventure holiday before and I want to help to give them the chance.
For me physically, I have very little movement, I am sitting in my chair for a long time, which even though it’s a moulded chair, it’s quite tiring. So, I am practising sitting for longer periods of time. I am also helping the boys and my sis to train by going to the park.
Training tip: My main top tip is to have fun, smile lots and giggle lots….these are the things i can still do and love to do!
I’ve never done anything like this before and feel excited!




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