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Nyree O’Brien’s Story

We are the O’Brien family from Berkhamsted. I (Nyree) am a music teacher and my husband Richard is a Communications Manager. The twins, Orla and Ishbel, are both heading into Sixth Form. Orla is a thrill seeking wheelchair user and attends school for young people with severe learning disabilities. Her younger sister, Cerys is 14 and heading into GCSE’s. Lily is our dog and she thinks she’s human!
Ishbel, Cerys and I are in the 5km. Orla is doing the 100m on foot which is really exciting.
We came last year and loved it. We love all inclusive events and yours is.
We will be raising money for Thomely Hall in the 5km.
We have been working through the couch to 5km app in preparation. Parallel will be our first big race.


Nyree O’Brien


Parallel challenge:

5km and 100m

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