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Oliver’s Story

Oliver is taking part in the 1km walk. This is the first year of taking part. Oliver is from Lowestoft in Suffolk and is seven years old. Oliver is taking part in this because he wants to raise money for a girl named Faith for a life changing operation to help her walk, called SDR. Oliver has cerebral palsy and had the same surgery in April 2016. Oliver’s parents and family raised the money needed for his operation with help from their local community.
The operation is not available on the NHS. Since the operation, Oliver has learnt to walk unaided and has achieved so much. Oliver now wants to help Faith raise enough money for her to receive the same operation and to achieve what he has. The fundraiser is called Faith’s journey and Oliver has his own Facebook page Oliver’s footsteps. Oliver has been training with his parents by walking round the block and riding his bike to build up his strength and stamina. Oliver is really looking forward to the Parallel games and his family will be there to support him.




Parallel challenge:


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