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Patricia’s Story

Hi my name is Patricia Regan, I am 67 years old and a permanent wheelchair user. I live in Cheshunt London. I’m not very good with photos of myself so I above is a photo of my granddaughter Meadow Chesney.

Meadow is my reason for taking part in the 10k run. Meadow was born with a congenital heart disorder called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome which basically means only half of her heart worked. She lived for a very short four and a half months. She spent all of her life in Great Ormond Street Hospital. She never stopped smiling despite undergoing three open heart surgeries and lots of setbacks. My youngest son and daughter in law spent all that time at the hospital with her and the care they all received was second to none. ALL the staff were amazing.

So, I and my older son (my buddy) will try to complete the 10K run and all money raised will go to Great Ormond Street Hospital.


Patricia Regan


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