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I am Rich Copson, an assistant bank manager from Leicester. This is my second year at Parallel London after completing the 5km last year, raising around £3,000 for my charity Muscular Dystrophy UK.

This year, I will be taking part in the 1km event. Due to having muscular dystrophy, I will be using my crutches to help me get around the course. This is why I love Parallel because it puts no limitations in how you want to complete the event. Run, walk, push …literally anything goes, as long as you have fun!
As I mentioned, this is my second year at Parallel. Last year, the event was one of the triggers for my rehabilitation to deal with my disability in a more positive way. This year, it is all about continuing that positive journey and meeting up with the inspirational friends I met at last year’s event. I have kept in contact with them.
I will again be supporting Muscular Dystrophy UK and hoping to raise funds and awareness for the charity that supports children and adults with muscle wasting conditions. After Parallel, I got even more involved with the charity and have since helped with setting up a running event in my home town of Leicester.

My Top 3 tips to get you through the event whichever distance you choose:
1. Take your time to complete your event, don’t feel pressured to go out too fast. We are all winners at this event.
2. Explore the event village, so much fun to be had.
3. Smile, have fun and don’t forget to pick up your amazing Medal, T-shirt and lots free ice cream.
Get yourself registered and I’ll see you there!! 🙂


Rich Copson


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