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Hello, I’m Rosie, I’m 30, and from Surrey. I write blogs and raise awareness of hidden difficulties/disability and mental health.
I’m dyspraxic and have anxiety. I have faced bullying and misunderstandings and because of these, I want something positive to come out of these experiences to help other people by raising awareness and understanding and hopefully make a difference.
I will be walking the 10km event with my mum who has been a huge support to me.
I will be walking for the Dyspraxia Foundation and Anxiety UK.
I took part in the Parallel 5km last year and loved how inclusive it was and nonjudgmental. It made me feel relaxed in an environment where I knew others would be understanding and was eye opening seeing other people taking part.
Training tip: it doesn’t matter how slow you go, as long as you do not stop.


Rosie Edmondson


Parallel challenge:


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