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Sally’s Story

I’m Sally Darby. I live in Sutton Coldfield with my husband and two daughters. I’m a secondary school teacher. I am doing the 5km.

I have MS. My mobility is quite badly affected. I have had times where I have really struggled to walk. I saw a man on this Morning who had done Parallel London. I was in need of a goal! So I signed up.

I am raising money for The MS society and fundraising going well.

Training Tip: Probably not very sensibly, I didn’t build up to it. I just tried to do it one morning and I managed it. It was really hard but now I know I can do it I feel a lot less worried about it now I’m working on doing it in less time and getting it to hurt less! I can’t run. It’s not an option for me, but I’d like to walk faster and more easily. Other than that, I have realised you can’t think about anyone else! I just look ahead and try not to focus on the sprinters whizzing bye!


Sally Darby


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