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Sarah’s Story

I’m Sarah and I live in a leafy part of South East London with my husband Graham and our little boy Evan. I’ve been completely blind for four years and also have physical disabilities which makes walking difficult. I love the idea of Parallel London because of how inclusive it is for all types of people. We are taking part as a family and will be in the 1km race. I will be walking with my walking stick and FES machine that helps my left leg feel stronger and helps my balance so I can walk for longer.
I will also have my wheelchair for backup in case I’m not feeling too good on the day. We don’t live too far away from the Olympic Park and it’s a great place to visit so that’s another reason why we are joining in with the event. I have been trying to increase the distance I can walk without stopping to rest and find that the best way to train is to incorporate it in my daily life. I walk to my son’s school to pick him up as often as I can and I also walk home from the train station after a day at work.
Since March this year I have been working as a volunteer at a charity that helped me when I came out of hospital. They are called You Can Do IT and they help people with over 90 different types of disability to gain independence through technology. I really benefited from taking the course and want to raise as much money as I can to help them to continue to support those that need IT training.
It seemed impossible to me that I’ll be able to use my computer and phone, to use the internet or send emails when I lost my sight, but with their support and a lot of practice I managed to learn the skills I needed and it’s opened a whole new world for me.


Sarah Matthews


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