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Sumaila’s Story

I am Sumaila, a physically challenged person. I was affected by polio when I was two to three years of age. It affected both my legs and hands by making them paralyzed. My hands and legs were very weak and difficult to move. I was sent to hospital and my doctor asked my parents to pay money before they would operate on my two legs, but my parents did not have the money for the surgery because we were facing financial problems in my family.
I attended school until 1999. My parents organized some money for my operation so I stopped school and went for the surgery. It was successful and I was given a knee walker (caliper) and a crochets to aid my walks. Because of the financial problems I am facing, I have a diploma certificate, and I’m not able to continue my schooling.
As of now, I do not have a standard room to live in. It depends on people. I always move from one place to another to get a place and sleep for the day. Being disabled in my country, I have face different problems in life, such as paying my medicals bills, food and social needs.
I am supporting ADD International and I will be taking an electronic wheelchair.


Sumaila Yakubu


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