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Do I need to have a disability to enter?
Not at all. Entry to Parallel is open to all, regardless of age or ability. We actively encourage everyone to take part as we want our event to be as inclusive as possible. We hope families, friends, colleagues and community members will unite to take on a challenge together.
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What are the Parallels?
You can choose from the following challenges: 10km, 5km, 1km, 100m and Super Sensory 1km. Run it, walk it, push it or be pushed.
Is this a competitive event?
Only if you want it to be. It’s not about a single winner, but coming together to support each other over the finish line. We believe every participant should be celebrated for taking part.
What if some participants don’t feel comfortable in large crowds?
We must underline that the nature of our event means there will be lots of people and noise. However, we are aware that some participants can become anxious in large crowds. Due to this, we will provide dedicated quiet areas in the festival village for those looking to take some quiet time out. We can also create smaller start waves for participants who would prefer to set off in a smaller crowd. If you have any concerns of this nature please call us on 020 7034 4846 or send us an email.
Do I have to register for one of the Parallels to attend the festival of inclusivity?
No. The festival is free for everybody to attend and you don’t need to register beforehand.
How do I get to Windsor Great Park? 

For information about getting to Windsor Great Park, please visit Windsor Great Park website: LINK 

We encourage everyone to take public transport where possible. Please plan your route in advance and allow plenty of time for your journey and registering on arrival. The train stations close to the event are expected to be more crowded than usual. 

Walking or pushing to Windsor Great Park from Windsor:

If you are planning to walk or push from Windsor, you need to access Windsor Great Park from The Cambridge Gate, which is located off Park Street. Postcode: SL4 1LB.Please note: The event site is approx. 25-minute (walk or push) from The Cambridge Gate.The walk from The Cambridge Gate along the Long Walk involves a busy road crossing (Albert Road A308).

Arriving by car or minibus:

Parking is available at the Great Park Car Park which is immediately next to the event site. This can be pre-booked (£7.50 for the day) via our booking site or you can pay on the day (please bring cash) The address for the car park: Great Park Car Park (access from Sheet Street Road A332 - opposite Prince Consort’s Drive) Postcode: SL4 2BD If you have pre-booked parking, you will be sent a car parking pass the week before the event. Please either print this pass and bring it with you or have it ready to show on your phone.

Arriving by train:

There are two train stations close to Windsor Great Park:

Windsor & Eton Riverside (direct trains to/from London Waterloo)  
Windsor & Eton Central (direct trains to/from Slough)  

If you require assistance on a South Western Railway (SWR) train service additional support is available in two ways:

Use the Assisted Boarding Point at any SWR station to request assistance with just 10 minutes notice.

Go to the Assisted Travel page on the SWR website to pre-book assistance.
More information about how SWR can make your journey easier can be found on their Accessibility page.

If you require assistance on a Great Western Railway (GWR) train service:
This GWR guide is for anyone who needs additional support. Some services need to be booked in advance.

Contact the GWR Passenger Assist team and they can help plan your journey, book your assistance, purchase tickets and make seat reservations for you. To contact them go to: or download the Passenger Assistance app

GWR will have additional staff on-duty at both of the stations in Windsor to support those coming to Parallel Windsor.

Meet & greet service

We will have a meet and greet service, provided by volunteers from the Rotary Club of Windsor St. George, at the Windsor & Eton Riverside station and Windsor & Eton Central station. The meet and greet team will be happy to assist and point you in the right direction.

Accessible shuttles

People2Places will kindly be providing free accessible shuttles between Parallel Windsor and the Windsor & Eton Riverside station and Windsor & Eton Central station. Shuttles will start from approx 8:30am. For more information about getting to Windsor Great Park, please visit Windsor Great Park website