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Our team of VIPs help to provide an unforgettable experience for everyone taking part in Parallel Windsor.

Volunteer Roles 

There are a number of interesting roles available at Parallel Windsor.
Here are some examples: 

VIP Benefits 

By volunteering at Parallel Windsor you will have the opportunity to:

Volunteer Feedback

Girlie Esperanza
“Loved being a volunteer. I was at the finish. It was great to see thousands achieve an amazing goal. Thousands of people, many abilities and just one goal-  to get to the finish line. So lovely to see everyone.”

“Parallel is one of the best events I have ever volunteered at! It was incredibly well run and organised by a fantastic team. I would love to volunteer again, as would a couple of my colleagues having heard about it.” 

“It was an emotional day but for all the right reasons. Seeing excited children, proud parents, hearing all the cheering, but mostly seeing huge achievements by so many people. It was a privilege to be involved.”

“Lovely inclusive event, humbling to be amongst some inspirational families”

“A fascinating and varied event to be a part of and a rewarding volunteer experience.” 

“I loved volunteering at Parallel London! It was an inspiring event and an amazing expression of camaraderie and determination.”