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Do I need to have a disability to enter?
Not at all. Entry to Parallel is open to all, regardless of age or ability. We actively encourage everyone to take part as we want our event to be as inclusive as possible. We hope families, friends, colleagues and community members will unite to take on a challenge together.
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What are the Parallels?
You can choose from the following challenges: 10km, 5km, 1km, 100m and Super Sensory 1km. Run it, walk it, push it or be pushed.
Is this a competitive event?
Only if you want it to be. It’s not about a single winner, but coming together to support each other over the finish line. We believe every participant should be celebrated for taking part.
What if some participants don’t feel comfortable in large crowds?
We must underline that the nature of our event means there will be lots of people and noise. However, we are aware that some participants can become anxious in large crowds. Due to this, we will provide dedicated quiet areas in the festival village for those looking to take some quiet time out. We can also create smaller start waves for participants who would prefer to set off in a smaller crowd. If you have any concerns of this nature please call us on 020 7034 4846 or send us an email.
Do I have to register for one of the Parallels to attend the festival of inclusivity?
No. The festival is free for everybody to attend and you don’t need to register beforehand.
Are there any volunteering opportunities? 

If you are interested in volunteering, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch: contact@parallellifestyle.com

Can I volunteer with my family? 

Yes. This is a family-friendly event. All under 16s must be accompanied by a guardian onsite at the festival and we will put young people in the same role / team as their guardian.

Will lunch be provided?  

We will provide all volunteers with lunch. Please bring any additional snacks and drinks that you might need to keep you energised throughout the day. (There will also be food and drink available to purchase onsite)

What should I bring with me? 

Suncream, sun hat / cap, reusable water bottle, suitable clothing to suit the weather, umbrella, snacks, mobile phone and bundles of enthusiasm!   

Will there be somewhere to leave my bag?  

We will have a space where you can leave your belongings, however this is not always manned and we would encourage not to bring any valuables to the event and to keep any valuables with you.

What should I do if I can’t volunteer anymore? 

We understand that plans change. Please do let us know and please give us as much notice as possible so that we can find alternative cover for your role.

Will Parallel Windsor cover my food and travel expenses? 

We will provide all volunteers with lunch. Other expenses will not be reimbursed. We want Parallel Windsor to be accessible to all, so if this is going to stop you from volunteering, please contact us to discuss further: contact@parallellifestyle.com